Claims News: Upcoming Events in Spring ’17.

The insurance agents of Lockewood & Associates hope that your investigations into Arkham’s underbelly are going smashingly.  To that end, we present a brief update about upcoming events in and around Arkham that may you may find profitable:


  • Miskatonic University has a new rare artifacts exhibit opening after the New Year begins.  The rare book collection will be put back under lock and key.  Recently, the Arkham Hardship Liability & Commercial General Insurance Company (“AHLCG Ins.”) reports that it issued a $500,000 policy to Miskatonic U.  Answer a request for comment, AHLCG Ins. Rep, Stan Haversham, advised, “We stand by Miskatonic University’s good name. No doubt Mis. U.’s security guards will stop any would-be cat burglars from purloining any items of consequence.”  To celebrate the new exhibit, the Clover Club, a highly-respected and quite exclusive establishment, is holding a pre-event gala for well-to-do Arkhamites.  Be on the lookout for your invitation!


  • The Essex County Express re-opens next Spring.  Local officials assure your steadfast insurance agent that the locomotive engine has been fully repaired.  In fact, Councilman Matt McFink claims that, “[t]hose unnerving rumbles, shakes, and constant lurches will be a thing of the past. No one should fear that they will be waylaid in rural Essex near the woods of Dunwich.”  We would be remiss if we did not mention that former Express dispatcher, Jimmy Hightower, took us aside after we spoke with Councilman McFink.  Mr. Hightower whispered to this insurance agent that whatever patrons do, they must watch out for unnatural things crawling, shifting, and oozing their way onto the train cars near Dunwich’s haunted woods. Shortly after making this comment, Mr. Hightower was found gibbering in the alleyway near Hannibal’s Fine Leather.  Obviously, the good man had a break from reality.


  • We here at Lockewood & Associates understand that a new influx of persons of interest will be happening soon.  Famous–and sometimes infamous–personalities like the hard-hitting reporter, Rex Murphy; the otherworldly trumpeter, Jim Culver; and the devil in high heels, Jenny Barnes, will be gracing the streets of Arkham.  We hope that these new personalities—as well as you dear reader—consider the services Lockweood & Associates can provide you to make you whole after any accidents, whether natural or unnatural.


  • Finally, and not to put to fine a point on our last missive, but events in far away New Orleans demonstrate the need for such insurance coverage.  Would you wish to leave your family destitute should your savagely maimed body be found bloated on the streets of Arkham like those poor souls down in Louisiana?  To ask is to answer that question.  Still, one hopes that something is done to alleviate the ghastly murders occurring there.  One hopes that no one from Arkham would be foolish to travel south to investigate this grim affair.

We hope this brief missive gives you a better understanding of the upcoming events in fair Arkham.  Until we speak next, may your investigations be ever fruitful.


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