Divining the Game’s Release: An Update

We, of course, regret that our divination skills missed in this instance.  A skill check was missed.  Instead, FFG waited an extra day to share their first pre-release article discussing clues and the investigation process.


Since then, FFGarkhamnights_2016_prizes published additional pre-release articles on the ongoing contest against the nameless void and the many campaigns ahead.  Meanwhile, FFG also announced Arkham Nights 2016—including the special event adventure entitled, “The Curse of the Rougarou.”  Importantly, the game will be pre-released during the event starting on October 14, 2016.

One may recall that your humble local Arkham-area insurance agents, Lockewood & Associates, predicted an October 27, 2016 through October 31, 2016 release window. Given the risks of shipping, handling, and postage delays, we maintain that prediction. But, it would not be a surprise if the game’s release occurred a week earlier, on or about Thursday, October 20, 2016.

Regardless, should the weekly article schedule hold up, we can expect a new pre-release article on September 14, 2016–potentially regarding one of the different classes. Overheard conversations with several community members suggest a strong desire to learn more about those who practice the mystical arts.  Could we learn more about those fabled Mystics this week?

In other words, don’t touch that dial!


Well, the bones were wrong, no article so far this week.



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